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10k Pageview Strategy #1

Wow, I must say the response to yesterday's email was a bit overwhelming. So many of you are excited to get jumpstarted on this and now I have all of this pressure placed upon me to do deliver something epic.

But I'm Scrivs and I can either run away from the pressure or run towards it with a flaming tutu. Where are my matches?

So remember, the goal of this series is to answer the question:

What would Scrivs do to get 10,000 pageviews in 60 days so he doesn't lose his home?

First, let's talk about mentality.

Humans are amazing creatures when their backs are against the wall. They are willing to stop thinking and just go.

This is a good trait to have but the problem is that many bloggers that start off don't have their backs against the wall. They have a paycheck that is always coming in. You know what happens in this scenario?

They plan out the perfect blog and how they want to do things. That means I could tell them exactly what they need to do and they will just take small bits and pieces of it and sprinkle it into their own unique strategy.

When I start a new blog I don't look back at everything that worked for me and say "meh, I'm going to do something completely different just because I like a challenge."

I take what works and I build upon that and what works is probably the most obvious stuff in the world.

My goal with every blog isn't to build the world's greatest brand right off the bat. My goal isn't to impress family and friends.

I just want traffic which leads to an audience which leads to money.

That's it. My blogs aren't my pets. They are my businesses.

If something isn't working on a blog, I don't keep it around for sentimental value, it gets trashed.

Other Blog Advice

The tough thing is that many of you have been fed blogging advice that might go against what I'm saying. This is a problem because in your mind you're battling between what blogger X said about picking the perfect theme and what Scrivs says about screwing the perfect theme, that can come later.

Almost every single how to make money blogger says that you need to niche down and then niche down some more. That's easy for them to say because their niche is just how to make money.

Ask them what other blogs they niched down with.

Niche down isn't bad advice, it's just that the advice is risky for new bloggers.

What happens is you think that you need to target a specific audience of people and mentally that constrains you. The truth of the matter is, you have no idea if your specific audience is going to gravitate towards you.

You have no idea if they are even enough of them to be online to find your content.

You know when it helps to have a clear vision of your audience and target a very specific niche? When you're getting ready to sell a product. Until then, cast a wide net and see what you bring in.

Picking a Niche

When I pick a niche, I don't pick ones that I think are good ideas. I pick ones where I can see they are good ideas. I pick ones where I know there are other successful blogs.

I wouldn't care about passions or any of that. I'm trying to get to 10,000 pageviews.

That means if I choose health & fitness, then I cover the popular topics within that niche.

If I choose women's lifestyle, then I cover the popular topics within that niche.

I don't get cute and say how I'm going to target 63-year old women that love yoga.

I can do that later on when I know exactly the product I'm going to create.

I know most of you reading this already have blogs and so you have your niches. I don't want you to freak out and think you need to change. You might just need to expand the topics a bit if you find that you aren't gaining traction with what you got.

This advice works because I use Pinterest as a mechanism for growth. If Google is your only means of getting traffic then it makes sense to spend a ridiculous amount of time researching niches to find one that isn't competitive, but on Pinterest, it's almost a level playing field.

Go through the big blogs in your niche and instead of looking at them with googly eyes, look at them to see what content is really drawing people in.

That awesome mommy blog with a post on her having an epiphany in 2nd grade that related to love and blackholes is really superb but it's the post titled 13 Ways to Make Baby Stop Crying that is bringing people in.

Oh, did you notice she also writes about Home Decor, Crafts, and tosses in some recipes from time to time?

You don't have to spread your wings that much but casting a wide net doesn't harm you at all. No blogger ever said they regret writing content that appealed to a lot of people but a metric shit ton have regretted writing content so niched that nobody paid attention at all.

Have you ever seen The Spruce? I love that blog. It covers so much stuff. You can't really say it has a niche besides "Lifestyle".

They write so much useful content for people that they have no problem clearing over 30 million pageviews a month.

Why are you worried about if your blog is too broad? Worry about that when you have a book or course you're trying to sell. Worry about that when Disney wants to create a movie based around your blog.

If you had to sell an apple to someone would you go downtown where most of the people are or would you stand in the forest waiting for a person that loves apples to cross your path?

Now here is the annoying thing about all of this advice. You really don't know if you should be doing a lifestyle blog that covers everything or if you really should just cover a couple of things on your personal finance blog.

Guess what? You can experiment and it won't hurt you.

Sure you might get annoyed a year from now that you have some posts on your blog, but what harm are they doing?

Writing about frugal living and it's not taking you places? Why don't you write some posts on easy ways to make money?

Spending hours each day building crafts so you can write a blog post about them? Why not do some roundup posts (17 Cool DIY Christmas Wreaths) that won't take up as much time and have a good chance of bringing people in? You can still do your crafts (they are awesome) but space them out with the roundup posts.

Also keep in mind that some niches are so big that even the sub-niches are going to be massive. For example, just the other day in Slack we were talking about blog ideas and Carly brought up doing a blog on gut health. Gut health is such a big and popular topic that it could easily work for this 10,000 pageview challenge.

So I don't want you to think that you need to cover everything under the sun. I'm just saying many times you really have no idea what works in your niche until you give it a shot.

I want you to go to Bogoten. I created that blog because a BBC member said she didn't understand how a certain blog got big so quickly. I explained that the blog simply covered a LOT of different topics that people liked. It casts the widest net possible.

When you tie that strategy in with Pinterest it's really hard to fail.

She didn't believe it could be that easy so I figured I'd show her and I created Bogoten.

I have zero interest on any of the topics on the site. I'm just writing posts in niches that are popular on Pinterest.

The site should reach 100,000 pageviews by the end of the year.

There is only one person in the world that is worried about whether or not your blog is in too big of a niche or too small of one and that is you.

So the first step in making sure I can get 10,000 pageviews in 60 days with a blog is to pick a big and healthy niche. One where a lot of other blogs are seeing success.

If you're reading this you should be in one of those niches so you have nothing to worry about. What you need to take a look at is if your current content is too narrow for your current audience.

Until tomorrow,

- Scrivs