It's Time to Build Your 6-Figure Online Business

Helping anyone build a 6-figure online business that they always knew they had within them

The Nutloaf Challenge Is Happening...are you in?

Can You Build an Online Business That Makes $100,000 a Year or More?

It’s a good question to ask.

I think you can.

You see, I’ve done it multiple times.

Before that I’ve failed DOZENS of times.

I believe that if you’re willing to listen and follow a framework, then building your 6-figure business is more of a reality than you can imagine.

That’s why Dare to Conquer exists.

So what is Dare to Conquer?

It’s a lot of things. I know, I know, that’s confusing. I could make more money if I told people that it’s a course, but it isn’t a course.

Dare to Conquer is a community of entrepreneurs (yes, that’s you even if you don’t think it yet) that are on a mission.

Not to build little businesses that help them get by or just pay the bills. They want to build businesses that will allow them to live the lifestyle that they’ve always dreamed of.

Dare to Conquer has courses (9 currently) that help you understand different concepts of building a business.

Dare to Conquer has workshops to help you grasp certain pieces of technology.

Dare to Conquer has webinars.

Dare to Coqnuer has TWO online communities that you can participate in.

Dare to Conquer aims to be the only place that you need to go to for knowledge in building a successful business.

You just have to be willing to take the leap.


There are two options:

  1. The Free 6-Figure Bootcamp
  2. The $100,000 Roadmap which happens to cost only $1

Both are great. Both will help you.

You see that smile on my face?

That’s because I get to call my own shots. I set my own schedule. I make the money that I want to make.

I understand the frustration of going to a place and listening to a boss that doesn’t give a shit about you.

I understand the stress of cutting all corners just so the lights stay on.

I know the disappointment you can have in yourself because you’re not where you want to be.

DTC isn’t a spiritual guide. DTC is everything that you need to put together that 6-figure business that restores the smile to your face.

And if you’re already smiling then good. Let’s make that smile permanent.

putting it together

How Does It Work?

1. Unlock Your Idea

You need to understand that your idea not only makes sense, but is a viable thing to spend your time pursuing.

That means researching the problems of your audience. Understanding the solutions that you can provide.

And most importantly guiding them to the Transformation that they crave.

2. Plant Your Flag For Your Tribe to Find

You can't build a business without an audience.

But how do you attract them? How do you let them know that you're the person that is going to guide them to what they want?

3. Show Them Your Solution

With a information product or 50 in place and your audience coming to you and loving what they see, the rest is all about growth.

This is the fun part. Who am I kidding? It's all fun!

How to begin

What do you need to do?


Let’s be honest. You might as well start with the free stuff. Get as much of it as you can. It’s worth the price of admission.


Again, more free stuff. And again, worth the price of admission. This is the best use of your email you’ll ever come across.


Okay, this is paid but also very much worth it. And it’s just $1. If that sounds crazy it’s because things are done differently here.


Enjoy where life takes you

This one should go without saying.

Where do I mail the check?

What random people, that you don't know, say about me

Paul Scrivens and Dare to Conquer is the driving reason that my site went from 15K pageviews per month, when I joined, to over 110K page views today in just over a year. The in-depth courses, the direct support and the DTC community are beyond anything I’ve experienced in any other course that I’ve taken on blogging or online business (and I’ve taken quite a few!). Everything from my content to branding and from courses to Pinterest have improved because of Dare to Conquer. If you want to up your game, you NEED to join DTC.

Susan Nelson
Woman of Noble Character

DTC changed our business for the better. We have worked hard at implementing the strategies in the seo, Pinterest and other courses and this has allowed our business to grow. I have loved the access to Scrivs and Marybeth. Not a single other course I have done gives this much access to the creator, even when they say they do. If Scrivs says something, you know he will do it.

Danielle Coonerty
Have Butter Will Travel

I’ve bought more courses than I care to count to help take my online business to the next level. Usually, I make it through the entire course in a few days and glean a few good tips or processes.

After that, the course goes into a file or list somewhere and I rarely return to it. Dare to Conquer is the only course that I check in with daily. It’s also the only course that I have purchased that is regularly updated.

I don’t mean the screenshots are updated to fit the latest software. I mean it is UPDATED! And new content is always being added. I’ve been a part of the DTC community for over a year and I am still learning, changing, evolving, and moving forward.

There isn’t another course or membership that I have found that works the way this one does! If you only have the funds to choose one Ultimate Guide…I would highly suggest you choose this one!

Rhoda Toynbee
Rhoda Design Studio

Oh look! It's time to stop dreaming and start building.

This is not about blogging

Dare to Conquer goes far beyond the blogging mindset. I love to blog and I have multiple blogs that bring me good money, but what we teach here is meant to help get you to $100,000 a year or higher.

If that feels like too much for you at the moment and you want to start simpler, then have a look at my blogging course Blog Revenue Engines.

It’s a great start to building confidence with this online journey and making money.