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My favorite books as a kid were the Choose Your Own Adventure books. My Mom didn't like me reading them because they weren't really books. More like videogames in text form.

Anyways, I loved them because I liked the idea of there being more than one path to take. Nothing was ever definitive. Sometimes you would get a good ending and other times you didn't.

Whenever you got a bad ending it wasn't so bad because you could always go back a couple of steps and try again.

This is exactly like building an online business. Sometimes you turn the page and think damn, I didn't want this ending while other times you turn the page and successfully reach the goal.

Dare to Conquer isn't about finding the one true path to success. It's about conquering a lot of different things that over time will lead you to your goals.

So in true Choose Your Own Adventure style, you get to pick your next step (please note I say "online business" and you can replace that with blog if you want):

If you're the type that likes to scan a whole page to see what is going on then I've created a section just for you.


That's why I just made the paragraph above a single word because it is supposed to get your attention.

Even better I created a video for you to watch.

Watch it.

Why Does Dare to Conquer Exist?

I've been in the position where I wondered if there was more for me out there. Why was I spending so much time making other people money?

I've been lost staring at the computer screen freaking out because I didn't know where to even begin.

I've been pulling my hair out because nobody was coming to my site.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing there is opportunity at your fingertips but for some reason your hands are covered in butter and you just can't grasp it.

Dare to Conquer exists because you shouldn't have to feel any of this.

You deserve the opportunity to strive for the lifestyle that you desire.

Join today or go and explore the site some more.